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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Dish Cloth...

To end the day, last night the kids found simple pleasure in stripping down to their birthday suits and chasing one another around the house. What is it with kids and nudity. A simple, freeing feeling that is only totally acceptable as a small child. As Ryan and I are sitting eating our dinner, Ryan asks Kai, "what if dad got naked and ran around the house," Kai said, "ya, you get naked too dad!" We had a laugh over the consideration of being recognized as "the nudists next door" and decided, the best place for streaking the house and deck was in the little bodies of our 3 and almost 2 year old.

A few minutes after clothes were off, and diaper was off for Si, Si decided to unleash her inner dog...and poop on the floor. Yes, the naked running came to a halt, so did dinner, and Si was rushed to the toilet.

When I was finished with Si in the bathroom, and went to clean the floor, I noticed the area was "rubbed."  In fear of the dog having licked it, I asked Kai and Ryan what happened and if Jake (the dog) got to it first...ew! But thank goodness that was not the case. Ryan saw Kai take the dish rag and say "I'm cleaning the mess." Not knowing what was going on and for that matter what on earth he was talking about, Ryan continued to eat his meal. It was this moment as a flash-back the moment I asked why the poop on the floor was now smeared. Kai was trying to help. What an amazing little boy and big brother. Kai cleaning up poop with our dish rag...not so great, but the thought and intentions were there. The dish cloth, now in the garbage can.

And so, another adventure in our household to close out the weekend. Bring on the week and all of its new adventures.

Happy Monday!

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