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Sunday, July 10, 2011

In a Pinch...

22 weeks today...over half-way there! And with the summer in full swing I think the time is going to fly; at least the next few months.
I am sitting here enjoying some family time; lots of laughs as our 3 year-old is keeping us fully entertained.
I had a few hours of "nesting" this afternoon. I couldn't take the chaos of our kitchen cupboards so had to re-organized while the kids were supposed to be having their naps. I say supposed to have been napping because they both weren't really wanting to sleep. God forbid their naps end anytime soon; My couple hours of peace in the afternoon are much appreciated!
Si is so over her converted crib/toddler bed that she much prefers sharing Kai's bed with him. And so, on occasion, with or without our knowing, she climbs into bed with him to sleep. This happened today for nap-time; however, sleeping was not taking place...playing, hitting, and then biting was taking place. Kai was so generously sharing his bed with his sister, and in return, she bit him. Back she went to her bed, door closed so she couldn't get out...and finally asleep.

Her second birthday is in September. Little does she know, her wish list consists of a big girl bed. Not only is she ready for it, we also need the crib come November. No point in having two cribs!

Anyways, back to some family time on this beautiful summer's Sunday afternoon. Ryan is finally giving our BBQ a much needed, long awaited, clean...and then BBQ chicken Santa Fe Salad is on the menu for tonight.

One last note- I made an amazing dinner last night. Not to be too conceded or anything ;-) It is from my new In A Pinch Cookbook my mom gave to me. It has some amazing and pretty quick recipes.

I made a wasabi-panko encrusted Halibut, Spicy Green Beans and a Basil Aioli. This cookbook is amazing and our dinner was even better!!

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