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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Dryer Lint...

It seems as if, one at a time, our appliances are malfunctioning. The fridge was turning itself off the other week (and no it wasn't shorting a circuit or anything), the dishwasher sounds like its going to explode on the dry cycle, and now the washing machine barrel came loose... and I CANT DO LAUNDRY!

I know to some this may not pose as a huge issue, but if you have seen my past laundry blog, this is a HUGE issue here! On a good day i do two loads of laundry. Between sweating at the gym and kids peeing in their pants, laundry is a must do over here!
Thank goodness the appliance guy is coming tomorrow for the Dishwasher... he just earned himself an extended stay and a date with the washing machine. it is even a day I could be doing it as my car is in the shop and I am immobile; however, i would rather procrastinate time and sit here on the computer.

Once that's fixed, I need to find myself someone who actually enjoys folding it all!
Which makes me think of this book. It is quiet cute for those of you out there that haven't read it.
Sometimes the simplest acts are the most rewarding. ;-)

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