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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little bits...

So yesterday's issue was no washing machine. Glad that is resolved and back up and running...but now the new problem of probably the same capacity, we cant use our dishwasher! A part is on order!! This "part" better not take too long. Me and dishes, not a fun thing. I guess you kind of get the point; me and housework on a daily basis are not a very compatible match. I have my days where i go full force into cleaning mode...and I am still waiting for that "nesting" thing to occur. Nesting is a term used in pregnancy when a woman decides to go full force at cleaning and organizing. Clearly far from that stage over here!

On another note, I had a Group Fitness evaluation today and it went AMAZINGLY! I had some awesome participants that scored a free class; and my nerves subsided and I just had fun! It was great. I am already feeling my butt and legs are seizing. I love when you kick your own butt in a workout. Hope the other ladies are as sore as I am! ;-)
Now that all is up and running there, I am looking to start a few weekly classes and possibly some outdoors pre and thru the summer. Stay tuned :-)

I am surprised I have been having such an efficient day. Kai didn't sleep the greatest last night and now has a little cold. Yesterday was a sure tell-tale sign that it was coming on as he was whining and acting out all day. That was one long day; followed by a night...i think bed might be calling early tonight... AFTER the hockey game of course!

Tonight is pasta night in our house... Why, because that is what I am craving. I had no idea what to make for dinner so headed to the grocery store and came out with caesar salad ingredients, baguette for garlic bread and all the items to made some spaghetti and meatballs... craving some pregnancy carbs... i think YES! Do not send a pregnant women to the grocery store when she is hungry... the outcome is too much food. But dinner will be good ;-)

I am creeping up to 12 weeks...wow how the time is flying. I will do a bump watch soon of the comparison through my 3 pregnancies at the same week. It is incredible how quickly the female body remembers what to do and how quickly you grow with the more pregnancies you have. Could you imagine what Michelle Duggar would have looked like at 12 weeks pregnant with her 19th child! Now that is crazy.
For me, there will not be 19 kids, THAT IS FOR SURE! To each their own.

For now, I am going to get my TWO kids up from their naps, have some playtime, clean up some toys, throw on a load of laundry and then make some dinner.

Enjoy the game!! I wonder if there will be any Carrie Underwood sightings ;-)

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