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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Whine...

Lately our 18 month old has been pushing ALL the buttons. She has developed very quickly with her vocabulary and is really trying to talk up a storm. Some are still single words, and occasionally she will throw out a sentence. It is nice to know what she is wanting and/or asking for!
The one major thing we could do without however, is the whining. She is an AMAZING WHINER!! If she doesn't get what she wants, she whines. If Kai wont share, she whines. If she wants to eat, she whines. It feels as if some days, she is whining all day!!
Kai never really had this phase as badly as she does. When does it end and how can we get out of this stage! It makes for long and sometimes frustrating days.
I am trying to ignore her as best I can when she is whining for something, but that is proving all to NOT effective, as today, to get my attention, she then resorted to biting me! Not happening.

Any suggestions are WELCOMED!!

Our Little Angel ;-)

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