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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little Nudity...

So, toddlers obviously have a fascination with running around naked. Really, as long as its around our house, I can get over that...no big deal. But I have a few developing issues that I need to nip in the butt (no pun intended).

For starters, Kai. If he does not have pants on, he enjoys sitting on the couch "playing." Awesome...are you serious! You are not even 3! My daily task is to ensure pants are on!
Si, well, you have all heard my problem with her... if she is not in her onesie, when the inevitable daily poop comes, she enjoys painting (with the poop!). It got so nasty that last week, while I was out working, Ryan texted me saying "call me." The minute he entered her room to get her from her nap, he was hit by a horrendous smell... and a baby standing in her crib, covered HEAD TO TOE (yep, even the face) in s*#t. All I could say was that I was happy to be at work! In hindsight... eventually it could have made for a pretty hilarious photo... maybe for one of those wedding day slide shows. Next time!

And then there is the problem of nudity together and opposite gender fascination. Well more so, female fascination. When Kai is nude, Si tries to run after him and "grab." Yes. That thing that hangs down from his body is such a foreign object that curiosity gets the best of her... I guess all is healthy in the wondering.

Gotta love the ages and stages!

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