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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Wow. Buying a new car is stressful! I have never really had to think about cars so much before...my head hurts! I LOVE my current SUV... but with the opportunity at the moment to get a new vehicle while mine still has some value, has now made us question SUV's altogether.
We have run out of room in our truck when we travel. The kids in their massive car seats; Jake (the dog) either at their feet or between the car seats; the trunk packed full with luggage and stroller...it really is a site!
Our initial thought was, same car... roof rack. But eventually that rack would be one daily, carting a whole lot of crap. And so, our search began!
It's either new cars or less of a car seat... and with our car seat laws, that is not an option!

So, I am stuck between an SUV that has 3 rows of seating when it's needed and some descent trunk space (LR4) or the Escalade (room, trunk room)... and it drives like a TRUCK.

Moms want to weigh in here for me!? Or if you have a friend that drives either/or... thoughts, PLEASE!

Thank you in advance.
My brain hurts. Time to relax :-)

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