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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some things say a thousand words...

and to me that thing is photo's...

We have wanted to get some new shots of the family now for a few months, and last weekend, we finally did!!

I love having the ages and stages of the kids and their growth captured because they change so quickly. Kai and Si are pretty close in age, and although it can add A LOT of chaos, and pretty much guarantee crazy days, I love it so much. They are best friends. Kai really looks out for her and helps her out, and Si, her eye could not possibly shine any brighter for her big brother.  And it is nice to be in front of the lens with the kids and Ryan too...I always seem to be the one left out of the pictures as I am always the one taking them, so a fun morning it was!

Here are a few from the bunch that capture our family. We played outside where EVERYONE became covered in mud, then moved inside to what has become one of the kids favorite places to play...and sleep, our bed.

Our photos were captured by Karolina Turek.


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