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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Do the Potty Dance"

The time has come, to potty train Kai. He will be three is April and, well, quite frankly, I am tired of changing diapers. We began this process in the fall and he was actually doing really well...and then he reverted. Through reading as well as hearing through other people, I have heard this is a normal thing and that "when they are ready" they will let you know. Well, I think he is ready!? He asks occasionally to go to the "toi-yet" and we try to remind him that if he does he gets to have a treat. His choice is usually some Smarties. But not even chocolate tempts him some days. So our war against Kai's diapers has begun.
This morning, I took off his overnight diaper and put his pants on...no diaper. I came home the other day with another bag of the pull-ups training diapers, but even these don't tempt him enough. He somehow knows that he can still pee in these...and so commando it is!
For Christmas we got him some new big boy underwear "just like dad wears." he loves wearing these, over his diaper, because he knows he has to keep them dry; so today, they are going on!
It is just past 8:00 and so far we have made the trek to the potty three times...positive start!

We still have at least a few more months of diapers in our home with Sienna not quiet there yet; although, she already lets me know when she needs a new diaper and then runs to the toilet...already ahead of Kai in some ways. I am hoping this is a strong start for her and potty training.

Potty training is something that takes time and patience. I know that I am partly to blame for Kai still being in diapers. I have not yet put in the right time to continue his success, and so today we are starting with the time!

Here is a list I found from babycenter.ca on potty training boys. To each their own I guess, because I already see many discrepancies for us here!
1) Wait for the right moment

2) Let him watch and learn

3) Buy the right equipment

4)Help your child get comfortable with the potty

5)Buy him some cool pants

6) Set up a training schedule

7) Teach him to sit first, then stand

8 ) Set aside some naked time

9) Celebrate his successes

10) If at first he doesn't succeed, try, try again

11) Raise the fun factor

12) Move into night mode

13) Ditch the nappies completely

I definitely agree with #1. After having reverted, this is a true fact. Just because you are ready to train them at a certain time, does not mean that they are ready to learn. So make the time when they have shown their own signs of readiness!
For us, #2 on the list is not an option...I think he has had enough "learning time" in that department! Maybe to watch dad may give him his benefits now, but for those of you that recall a blog I wrote awhile back about Kai noticing the difference between girl and boy...#2 is not an option for me!
#3...of course you need the right things to train, but for some that list is huge and for others, all you need is a toilet (check) and some big boy underwear! Kai never took to sitting elsewhere in the house to use a "potty" and I never really had an interest in emptying a crap filled kids potty into the real thing, and so, he sits on the porcelain TOILET.
#7 seems to have come naturally to him...i guess he has watched daddy do it. I have to admit it was pretty cute watching him stand to pee, while actually having to stand on his tip-toes to shoot in the bowl.

So, to each their own. Good luck to all of you training or soon to be! I am sure there will be more on this subject in the near future, but for today, i am staying positive, and Kai is staying dry.

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