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Friday, January 7, 2011

Private Parts

It's the things that come out a child's mouth that can truly brighten your day. Children seem to make all the sense in the world and at the same time, no sense at all! They are so innocent and yet so guilty. And one thing that is for sure, they are VERY honest...and at the best of times, those honest moments lead to a smile, a laugh, and maybe a much-needed conversation.

Kai is quickly creeping up to 3! Hard to believe that in April I will have a three year-old. And with growing, his vocabulary as well as questions are starting to fly out of his mouth. I thought a few recent ones had to be shared. I hope they brighten your moment as much as they did mine.

A few days before Christmas, I was in my closet getting dressed to head out. I had our nanny that day, and the kids were both with her...until I heard a pitter-patter of feet running up the stairs. Kai was going to hang out with me until I left, apparently. So I started to get dressed. The next thing that happened...

"Mommy...?...You have no pee-pee!??"

Oh my gosh! Before I could respond with any form of an adult like answer, I burst into an abundance of laughter. And with the laughter came another

"Mommy...?...You have no pee-pee!??"

And after the second time, he ran out of the closet, hoped on the chair in our room, and continued watching cartoons.

This left me with many thoughts in my head. The first being, I guess shower time and dressing time is over in-front of my two and a half year-old son! The second was, wow what a great observation. And third was how maybe next time something like that happens I should have a prepared answer opposed to a morning ab workout :-)

He hasn't said anything again since, and he hasn't asked, but I have said "girl" and "boy" a lot more often and using his sister as an example to being different then he is. It is a funny thing, private parts and kids. And with both a son and a daughter, it is amazing how different they are in observation. Sienna is almost 16 months and I swear has noticed differences since the time she could walk, around 11 months. I have this time frame as a note because it was when I would be changing Kai's diaper that I would hear her little feet  making their way down the hall in enough time to attempt to grab Kai's "privacy" as he would call it, before the diaper was put back on. Yes, she made us both laugh with this attempt, but also made be realize that she was being very observant of the differences.  Until lately, Kai hasn't given any thought to his own "privacy," as Sienna will always try to grab her's as I change her diaper. Kai's form of self discovery lately has been with toys being shoved down his pants! What!?? Oh the things they do! 

So my lesson, to answer more questions for my kids and to maybe read a few more books on the subject of girl vs boy.

December 16th brought another moment for me when I had to take Kai to the Doctor's office. We had a morning just me and him, which was so nice because that really doesn't happen very often. We went to Starbucks where he enjoyed a hot chocolate, that I am sure was 50% whip-cream! Then with his backpack back on his back, we crossed the street in time for his appointment. On a side note, Kai never thought much of his backpack until his amazing Uncle came over to visit him one day, and he was wearing his backpack. Now, Kai will not leave the house without one. So now in the waiting room, with a CLEAN diaper, I am trying to keep Kai entertained as we await the arrival of the Doctor. And then, just as I began to smell something, Kai came out with a comment:


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