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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking Back Christmas

What is it about the Holidays that makes us run ourselves ragged? Whether it's to the mall for that last gift, sitting in traffic to get OUT OF THE MALLS PARKING LOT, being out almost every single night of December for an event of some form, baking the holiday cookies, entertaining, pictures with Santa, the Christmas Train, okay my point is made. Why do we do it?  For me, I do it because, somewhere in all of its chaos, I am loving every minute of it.

Case in point, our annual tradition of pictures with Santa...

What does the photographer not get about "just take the picture." Here he is trying to wait for Sienna to smile for the camera not realizing that it is only going to get WORSE by the second and not any better...clearly not a dad himself, and maybe could have helped if the photographer was a female...?? Just a thought. But really, as my husband and I are standing back laughing at all that is going on, we wouldn't care if BOTH kids were crying, somehow it makes it all the more entertaining! On a side note, the amazing thing in kids growing up, Kai was able to actually tell Santa what he wants for Christmas this year.  A dump truck...a RED dump truck. And Santa's search began.

And then the rest of the minutes without agenda, I love turning on our Christmas tree lights, and sitting. There is something to be said of the song "Its the most wonderful time of the year." It is remembering to sit and enjoy the minutes, the moments, the memories through this crazy holiday season because when you actually relax, you remember what it is you love about this time of year. This year is our first Christmas in our new home and the first Christmas that we  have a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE! So in all efforts we got the tree up the first weekend of December...and with daily watering it is holding out! Here is a tradition I thought could be a lot of fun and another thing for us to do with the kids. There are several Christmas Tree farms in the Valley where you get to go and cut down your own tree, or even buy a tree that they cut fresh that morning. Something fun and different! Well, I guess you could say at least the thought was there!

We ended up at the North Vancouver Rona parking lot sale instead :-)

In the midst of all the things we have to do and all the things we want to do, slowly my husband and I are realizing that the only ones that have control over our time is...us.   Sometimes a lot of what makes the holidays so busy is based on expectation.  Expectation is a hard thing, but as you are able to let go of it a little, life becomes more of what you want of it. To me, and to us, family and friends are what matter and you learn quickly those who feel the same way and that will make the efforts for you as well.  "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Seuss

We are taking back Christmas. Making sure that in all the hustle and bustle the Holidays bring, the most time spent is with the ones you love. So as I sit here typing this new post, the Christmas baubles are being removed from the tree by a set of very tiny hands, the centerpiece is being torn off of the table by another set of slightly larger hands and there is still a certain someone still "snug in their bed." So let go of the things you cannot change and embrace the half-decorated Christmas tree that is sitting in your living room. Merry Christmas from our crazy family to yours!


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