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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Begins...

What was I doing before motherhood?

Life sure was a lot different. But one thing is for sure, life wasn't as meaningful and hardly made as much sense as it seems to now. I know that being a mom has changed me completely for the better...forever. I go forward without looking back.

Kai is the love of my life, and with Ryan, the other love of my life, family is why I am here. Love is why I am here. My expanding belly is why I am here~!

While experiencing this new chapter of my life, many questions arise as i live each day. Issues arise, problems occur, smiles happen...and each i tend to deal with in different ways. And slowly, i surprise myself. 

As I contemplate past, present and future, and how it all makes some sort of sense in this world of ours, i hope you'll be there as family and friends to live, love and laugh with :-)

xo Britt

~This was a post i wrote as my first in March 2009~ pregnant with our second child, Sienna- now 1. I have now decided to write my blog and found that this "saved draft" was a good way to start and a fun entry to re-live. I hope you enjoy~
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