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Monday, February 4, 2013

Seeking Sleep...

Our house has been rather sleepless for the last few months. Our wonderfully sleeping baby took a turn when we went on vacation...then got sick- and has never come back from the dark side! My husband and I have found a daily routine of walking zombie for the past while...and we finally decided that we cannot do it any more! The thing is, it wasn't just T...it started with her- then she would generally wake Si up- who would then end up in bed with us as well. Sleepless nights, after nights, after nights.
I am sure many of you have seen the following photo before- and for those sans kids...there is truth in EVERY morsel of this depiction:

I love looking through magazines and finding photos depicting the sleeping family all cuddled closely...really!!!?? Who finds this comfortable!?
In our house...child wins every time. They continuously kick the crap out of my husband until he is forced out of our bed and into one of the kids beds...thankfully they are singles and not toddler beds- but yes, they do have guard rails. I am sure that spells comfort on many levels: Not to mention the waterproof mattress pad beneath to ensure no mess gets through from the kids- this is only a sweat producing, uncomfortable sleep pad for us adults.

Last week we threw our hands up and decided that we had to commence sleep training and find our sleep again! This is a favorite book- but unfortunately not one to read to the kids.

I think the icing on the cake was when T was asleep in our bed with us, and Kai came in feeling sick and proceeded to puke all over her- don't worry, she stayed sleeping. ;-)
So entered Helen Sands- our plan arrived Friday and our training commenced on Saturday.
Some crying was involved...along with one LONG night on Saturday...but something has happened already as we had a glimpse of the future last night- she slept through the night with one very brief sound at midnight...and we woke up more rested.
Here's to hoping we are on the right track!

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