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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Proud Mommy...

My little boy is hitting many milestones quickly…and in a little over a month, he will also hold a whole handful of fingers as he turns 5! Really!? Where has that time gone? It honestly brings tears to my eyes when I think about time, and kids, and our lives…and how it is so easy to wish away time to get to another- but with life- we are wishing away those precious moments…and I want them back! Every sleepless night, scratch or bruise, tears of joy or of frustration- through all of these moments he was growing, he was transforming from this little baby, this little boy- that fit perfectly within my arms- to a boy that tests my strength when he asks to be carried to bed every night. He will ALWAYS fit perfectly in my arms, don't get me wrong- just in a different way.

The other day, Monday, Kai lost his first tooth. Wiggly for about a week, Monday morning was the day my little boy showed a little fear in the unknown as I removed the hanging tooth from his mouth, then seconds later- complete elation as he realized the tooth fairy would be making a visit tonight- and making sure to ask me whether the Tooth Fairy was real. The fact there was a question there- although he already knew the answer of yes- was even a little sad for me as hesitation and doubt seems to start so young.

Wednesday was Aunti Bully Day- and they celebrated it at the kids preschool…they put some quotes together and a group shot of all the kids in pink- Kai's quote really touched me- "Will you be my friend." It pretty much sums up the heart of this little boy. I am proud.

Kai gets major growing pains in his legs. I feel for him deeply. I remember getting these as a girl- i recall being older though- i remember having to have my ankles rubbed until i would fall asleep: and now, I rub his legs until he falls back to sleep. Growing pains- again, he isn't that little boy anymore.
He jokes with me often that he is bigger than I am- we both know its a joke- for now. I know, that soon enough, there will be no joke in that. 

Seeing Kai fill the roles in the lives of many is heart warming. He is an amazing son. His compassion, love, curiosity and tenacity for life always astounds me- and he always keeps us on our toes. He has so much love for his sisters. Always playing, always laughing, always loving. He has no fear of showing his affection and will tell you at any given moment how much he loves you- or, he will simply just show you, coming over for a hug or kiss…or both <3
kai waking t from her nap. all hugs!
I just had to take a moment tonight to express my love, gratitude and amazement for my little man. He teaches me something new about himself, life, love or myself..daily.
Take a moment and live through the eyes of children. I really believe you will learn more than you ever thought possible…

Kai I love you. I cannot believe you are going to be 5 soon. Where have these years gone?
I would like a rewind button to re-live the days a little slower…to learn a little more.
But I suppose, we have been doing a pretty good job- because you are one amazing boy.

I love you buddy.
xoxo Mom

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