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Thursday, March 29, 2012

"The secret is keeping busy, and loving what you do." ~ Lionel Hampton

Once again, TIME is escaping me! I have been so busy lately...but NOT complaining in the least! Life has been, well really GREAT!
My husband is off at flight training...and annual occurrence; however this time is way more significant to us all. I am so proud of him...hopeful for him...excited for our future...and amazed by what he has come though to get there right now. Way to go babe. Amazing and thrilled for you.

But of course, the week he is gone, is the busiest week of my 2012 to date. 2 new listings, Visalus is blowing up in a FANTASTIC way...kids...commitments, wow its been nuts! Sitters day and night. It will be nice to pick him up from the airport Sunday and relax as a family for the afternoon :)

Our little man of the house is not so little any more either! Next week, the 7th, Kai turns 4! It is soooooo hard to believe! amongst the chaos of work and kids these days, I am having problems finding time to plan his birthday party! It also doesn't help that it falls on Easter weekend this year. It would be easy to postpone it a week, but then we are in MAUI!! So we will see what happens and the plans of his special day. So far my plans have gotten as far as the theme...Super Heroes (as he and his friends run around the house dressed as Batman, Robin and occasionally Spider-Man every time there is a playdate).
I cannot believe he is already almost 4! I am not going to go there right now: For sure to bring tears.

Moms Club was the other night. Another awesome night with amazing women! We have such a great time, and this weeks topic was Sleep. A sleep consultant spoke offering amazing suggestions....and it was our largest turn out yet, 18 moms!! There must be a common theme here ;)
Yes, sleep is over-rated...until you meet Helen Sands and she tells you how to get it back!

What else. T is rolling both ways now. Making it difficult to put her to sleep as she entertains herself by rolling around her crib! Yes, I must read up on Helen's sleep suggestions.

Si is miss attitude...as per the usual lately. Listening little and rolling eyes often. Yes, I fear her as a teenager.

A quick update for tonight. Off to put kids to bed and pour myself a nice glass of wine...while folding the mound of laundry that has yet again accumulated on our bed. Cant escape house work for too long...

I will be back sooner than a week this time! I have some exciting Giveaways...just need the time to post! Hopefully Sunday will bring that for me...after I finish my HST :(


The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have.
Dag Hammarskjold

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