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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stats Sunday...

So, I havent been very on top of keeping my fitness log active on my side bar: and to be honest, if I did it would be longer than the length of my site. So now, as I begin to ramp up my routines in order to train better for my big race, I have deciede to weekly log my workouts...and anything else that may be important to note from the week in terms of health and fitness! im doing this first off so i have a record...and second as i have had some interest.

So to start out, last week was a pretty up and down week. Starting the Elimination Diet left me feeling, well rather eliminated in the energy department. But I still got in some workouts. Diet was good...cheated with some wine, but otherwise stayed g-free and dairy free!

Monday- 60 minute Spin
Tuesday- Crossfit
Wednesday- 40 minute run
Thursday- Jog and Crossfit
Friday- 10k run. Logged fasted time since pre-T!
Saturday- 40 minute run
Sunday-day off

Not a BAD week for the lack of energy...but in all honesty, this week was pretty weak. Time to begin ramping things up, getting in the pool, and pounding the pavement to attain those longer distances!

Time for some R+R with the husband to rest up for a new week.

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