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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sleep Walking...

 A phenomenon that occurs in all parents. I feel like I have been doing a lot of this the past few nights.
If one sleeps great one of the other two won't...and then there are the nights when all 3 trade off. Then, add the colds that are in our house right now with every single kid and it spells = tired parents!

I have great progress to report with Si though!
We began sleep training her last Thursday as per Helen Sands plan formatted for us. She has taken to it like a charm. First night, she was up 4 times...but every time I returned her to her own bed. Second night, 3 times, third night...none! and since we have had a max of once through the nights.
We are so happy that the terrible sleeper in the house is now the good one!
With a bedtime routine, she knows bed time is coming...and with a timer on her lamp, she looks forward to the morning when the light turns on and she can come to mom and dads room. In fact, she was so excited, she made Kai jealous and we had to go get him one too.
Now, Kai and Si are both asleep by 8. Si by 7-730 and Kai 8.
We have a night again!!

I am so happy Helen is coming to our Moms Club in April as I think her ways really do work wonders. Whether you have a problem sleeper, napper...or even a great sleeper (it can change), its great to have some pointers on what to do!

I cant help but think, our change in parenting/discipline style has also aided in a much easier transition.

Now for these colds to leave our house so we can all get some proper sleep!

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