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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love Actually...

A holiday time favorite of mine...this movie is always a cute one to watch.
A few days before Christmas I sat to watch this once the kids were in bed...well so I thought.
I happened to be at the part of the "porn movie being filmed" and the actors engaging in a certain act when Kai walked in...and asked my why the lady was kissing the mans pee-pee.


What do I do, what do I say!? I looked back to the kitchen were Ryan was standing, the same stunned look of, oh s#*t, on his face....

Without saying a word, Kai looked at us and said "Oh, they must be married!"

We both had to laugh. What else could we do!? We were totally caught off guard...and our three year old seemed to have come up with his answer on his own.

There are a few things to question here...
Where he equated this to being married...
And, having never seen this before, nor having us have talked to him on this subject (he is only 3!) where he came up with that sentence in the first place!

For now, we will let this slide by...and hope it doesn't come up again for a long...long time!

Had to share...cause kids really do have amazing minds...and really do say some pretty amazing and hilarious things.

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