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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Have a Little Faith"...

As you probably know by now, me and time have a little "thing." There is never enough of it; and it goes by way too fast.
T is growing so fast: The kids are adapting well overall.: And we seem to be functioning well as a family of five.
To add to the chaos that is our life, it is Christmas time. A time that I love so much. I love the feelings the Holiday's bring. The cozy, warm feeling brought on by so much: the twinkling lights on the trees, the fireplace warming the house, lots of family and friend time...really the list is long. But who am I kidding, with the beauty of the season also comes some stresses...and in a household with children, colds.

I have had so little time to write lately, that really I don't know where to start! T is 6 weeks. Growing in every which way. A very healthy little girl. Her first smiles (not due to gas!) came last week. I remember this is the same week Si started to smile as well. When she looks at you and smiles, it really does melt your heart. The first form of a response you have from baby since birth. An amazing milestone!
Another milestone, she has already grown out of some of the newborn sized clothes...it makes me a little sad when you realize they really do grow up...and at this age literally growing fast. But it does mean she is healthy and gaining and growing well. Something to feel very thankful for.

The kids are adapting to T. They really are amazing with her. They try and help (as best they know how). They race to her to give her a soother (fight over who gets to do it), bring her blankets and toys, and enjoy holding her...mainly with our assistance!
Story here is, one afternoon I was holding T and put her down, in a different room than Si, to go help Kai for literally all of 20 seconds. When I returned, Si was sitting beside where I had put T down...but wasn't sitting beside her, she was holding her! She had snuck into the room, picked her up and held her in her arms. My God. My heart skipped a beat...thankfully all was fine. Amazing how perceptive kids are. Scary actually. But Si was holding her just as I have, supporting her head and all. And when at another time, when Ryan and I were there, Si showed us how she picked T up, her head was supported as she scooped from beneath. Phew. But never again do we leave Si in the same room as T alone...not even to pee. As a parent you quickly learn...there is little privacy and equally little alone time.
So yes, the kids love her. Kai is showing very little jealousy and is wanting to help and be with T as much as he can. Si, well she seems to be getting a bit better daily...but jealousy has and is there...as she has actually bit T's finger...twice.
Si is a biter. She and Kai fight, and she always wins because she takes a chomp and he comes up crying. We are trying to stop this, to obviously no success. Anyone had this problem!? What worked for you? We have heard bite back so they know how it feels...doesn't this defeat the purpose? Telling them no biting, yet doing it to them? Just a question! We need to kibosh this phase so open to suggestions!
So, in general, the kids are doing well with number three.

Kai just finished his first stint of school and is now on Christmas break. He missed three of the four last days last week as he has been sick...he is now on antibiotics with a chest cold, early possible ear infection and nasty cough. Si is sounding like our new family pet, a seal. Brutal bark...and now, bottle two of amoxicilon enter the house...Si is on it too. I figure, may as well be sick at the same time: Get it out and move forward all healthy, hopefully in time for Christmas...and then Maui!

Ryan and I have been doing well adapting to three kids as well. Yes, during the week he is in another room. Process of elimination, he is most comfortable on the airbed set up on the floor of the nursery...or if (well, more like when lately) one of the kids makes their way into bed with me...he moves to their bed. Although we are separated by room and bed, we are doing a great job at staying connected. The amount of help and support Ryan has been giving and offering has been amazing. I feel loved, supported and happy. We are best friends and thru this baby, the third, I feel we are getting it right and are closer than ever. I feel very lucky and very loved.

A mom of three. Pretty crazy. I still cant believe it; a little surreal, but amazing in itself. So far so good. The transition from two to three has been fine. I wouldn't say easy...but my reality is, one to two was harder. Currently, because all T does is eat, sleep and stay in one place unless moved, she is the easy one. She is a very easygoing babe...and a beautiful one if I do say so myself.  The chaos comes when T needs to be fed and the kids are demanding attention...Si is good at this demand lately. I am loving the girls version of terrible twos. So far, much more trying than Kai was...I guess they both have their own personalities...a good thing!

So as I make my way thru each day, with a husband 3 kids and a dog...I figure as long as I am doing my best, I am doing alright.

"Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith"~Garth Brooks
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