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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Call from Anderson...Anderson Cooper?

In the blog world, you never truly know who reads your blogs...and where they come from!
This morning I received an email from Anderson Coopers office with regards to his new talk show "Anderson."

The fellow asked me to call and/or email him. He stated:

"After reading your blog, I was interested in speaking with you about an idea I had for a story about the holiday season."

Okay...interesting, you have my attention.

I called, with skepticism up...who knows these days what is real and what is a ploy. Anyways, it sounds legitimate and an interesting topic...without spelling out the theme of the show, the concept was Holiday Tensions / mishaps in family.

I am not sure there are too many people that wouldn't have at least something to speak of on this topic...and yes, our family would have things that would match this criteria...but sometimes some things are better left un-said...or at least un-said to people other than your family.
In a way it sounds a little "Jerry Springer Show-ish" in the sense that if they are digging for some dirt they are obviously digging for some emotions.

Anyways, to settle an interesting possibly hazardous topic... potential Anderson Cooper meeting (too bad though!) ... and blogger mom appearance, the show tapes next week. Therefore, me plus ready to pop out this baby doesn't make it possible. I am thinking that this in the long run is likely a positive thing for the sake of family issues and relationships.

It will be interesting to see if the show they are conspiring on comes to light for the Holiday Season. If I end up seeing it air, I will let you know!

Funny, I thought Anderson Cooper was more of a politics, news media, journalist type of a man; not a Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil bring out the conflict type. I guess ratings sell!

I looked on the site...and this is what they are looking for:


Do You Hate the Holidays?
Do You Hate the Holidays?
Is family making you dread the holidays? When the family gets together, does it end in a fight? Was there a conflict from a previous holiday that remains unresolved?

Between family screaming matches, kitchen fiascoes and certain family members drinking too much and getting out of control, do you wish you could fast-forward to January?

Apparently, they like how candid us Mom Bloggers can be...the way we can write and be relate-able. I am grateful for that. I write what I feel for the most part. But all in all, there is still a line that I dare not cross. And this topic... has bad new written all over it.

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