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Thursday, October 20, 2011

No rest for the weary... but for the pregnant, yes please!

Creeping on 37 weeks. The week that marks the ability of being "any day." A week that stands for full term, before the actual due date arrives.

I'm not gonna lie...lately I haven't been feeling the best. Aside from wanting this little being out of me and into our arms, I have been getting slightly more uncomfortable as the days progress.
Funny how being active, smaller weight gains and keeping busy don't always keep your body (and baby) happy.

My sciatic pain left a long time ago. It is slightly back now that baby is moving on down. I had a doctors appointment today. Baby is head down, not engaged however...and I am dilated 1.5cm. Really, that means next to nothing as you can literally walk around this way for weeks to come.
I was relieved to have my appointment today however, to settle some nerves, and mind!

Last night was the worst night I have had. After two pregnancies...this third has brought an entirely new set of symptoms along with it. I guess this baby doesn't want to be left out!
I have been having mild swelling, major headaches and some shortness of breathe. With these feelings increasing before bed last night, my mind would not rest; which made for a night of little sleep. The doctor assured me all is fine; so here is to a restful night tonight!

Aside from the usual aches and pains at this point in the game, the Doctor says to rest.
Right. Rest.

Two problems here.
1) I am a Scorpio...i don't know if we know how to rest!
2) I am a married mother of 2 toddlers, a career, a dog, a house and a baby inside of me that wont stay still.

Likelihood of rest...slim to none. But I will try.

Anyways. An update for the "journal" of baby number three... when will we be meeting you?

~Last Sunday @ 36 weeks~

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