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Friday, October 21, 2011

Date Night!...

"Be ready for 6:00."
"Sitter taken care of."

Two of the best texts I have gotten in a long time! Ryan has planned a date night. Not only is a date night much needed...the spontaneity of it, and him organizing all facets of it, make it all THAT MUCH MORE AMAZING!

Yay to Friday Night Date Night. The perfect way to start a weekend. Quiet time with my love.

Do you and your husband/partner do date nights? If so, how often do you try and do them?
If not...why not?

Ryan and I used to have a scheduled sitter once a week, Wednesday nights were our set Date Night. Sometimes it was dinner, sometimes a movie, sometimes a bike ride or a run. Really it was all over the map...but it was our night. For whatever reason, we lost that night. Time getting in the way...or lack there of. And yet, it is probably the most important thing that we gave up! After this baby enters our world...I am re-instating date night!
It is a night all about you and your partner. No kids. No TVs. No obligations or things to get distracted by. Just the presence of one another.

What doesn't sound great about that. And why the h**l did we loose it!?

It doesn't have to resemble THIS...


Date night is what you make of it!

Although, I could take a little of this right about now...


Looking forward to tonight!

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