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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back Online...

Today the Internet company comes to put my office back online! I have been feeling a little lost over the past few days without my normal set up. No MAC, no scanner, no photo uploads. I am excited to have them come as it will make the office one step closer to being complete!
Both kids rooms are done, the nursery is 98% there, the office seems to be the last step.
My lists are almost checked off...now to start on the new ones. I have been feeling so organized lately in most facets...i was so pleased with myself that I had also completed the kids costumes for Halloween! I figured, if Kai is requesting to be a specific character, I better get on it before I cant get my hands on the costume any longer. The costume of request...Batman! And his sidekick, Dad...i mean, Robin. Yep, I even found a costume for dad ;)

Had my routine prenatal check-up yesterday... getting closer to due date means the check-ups are now every two weeks. All is sounding and measuring well. Aside from some strong contractions, due to doing too much, (I am trying to learn how to slow down: i admit I am not so good at doing this), I have been feeling pretty great!
Once I get re-organized, I have a few posts to share. Some photos still to post. And a contest to announce!

Fall is here! Aside from the increase in rain, I LOVE this season.
Boots, cold & crisp sunny days and pumpkin patches for the kids to play in.

Happy Fall!

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