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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wax On...

In amongst work and packing for vacation...I got my wax on. Pretty happy I was able to make some me time today :) On top of it all, my mom treated me to a pedicure. What a great morning!

Back to the wax though.
I tried this new wax place, Cutie Pie Wax Bar.
It was fantastic! On top of being such a cute / girly place, they specialize ONLY in waxing...and sure are great at what they do! I have experienced my fair share of waxing over the years... in general, the word "ow" sums them up. I figured, a little pain was worth the outcome ;)
At Cutie Pie, I swear, IT DIDN'T EVEN HURT! And with being pregnant, I opted out of the numbing cream that they even offer. I was amazed.
The North Shore was in desperate need of a place like this, and they are welcomed with bushy brows and furry legs ;) Go get de-fuzzed today!!

I have found a new found favorite and recommend everyone in need of a wax, from Brows to Brazilian, to check them out.
Amazing service. Beautiful atmosphere. And fantastic, bump free, results ;)

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