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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wine, yes please...

I am having "one of those days." I am sure some of you mom's can relate...well at least, I am hoping you can relate and that I am not alone in this feeling!
My kids are driving me crazy. To the point where I would like to play hide and seek and hide with my computer in such a great place that they cant find me for a long while!
This afternoon has been a WHINE-FEST by both of them! Everything they want, do or don't do apparently warrants a whine and some tears. These past hours have felt like days.
And then when I go to sit and have a few minutes of peace, or just try to get some work done, they decide to follow me, climb on me or bite me...this is Si's new thing.
This has been one long afternoon and it isn't over yet.
With their whine's I am longing for an amazing glass of wine...t-minus too many more months, and counting!

Sometime when I am felling this way I feel like such a bad mom; that I should be able to not only handle, but enjoy my kids. I honestly do love, enjoy and have lots of fun with them. There are just those moments (well sometimes hours) that I allow my children to rule my emotions...and drive me a little crazy!

Si climbing up my legs

Si literally climbing on me.
It's almost 5:00...and you know what that means, Ryan is almost home! These monkeys need a new monkey to climb on!

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