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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun, Sand, Spectators and Stitches...

This past weekend we ventured to Osoyoos for a mini-vacation. We enjoyed some much needed sun, sand and heat! We played at the pool with the kids, and the beach, and worked on the beginnings of some summer tan lines. It was nice to get out of town for a couple quick days.

The main purpose of our trip however, was for the Oliver Half Iron Man that took place on Sunday. This is a race Ryan and I both completed last year; and actually were contemplating doing again this year (hence us going up!), but baby had other plans! We still ventured up as we knew several people racing it and had fun cheering them all on! The kids "Auntie K" was in the triathlon, and raced a great race! The day was HOT; Even as a spectator...in the shade, it was hot! Can you imagine the athletes. My trainer Hayley ran a great race as well; and the amazing Jamie Armstrong, the times that this guy can put up are incredible...envious! Check out his gym if you want some phenomenal training.

And an up and comer to the tri world, Dylan...well lets just put it this way, the way he raced was inspiring...no one would believe this was his first!
Auntie "K"
Auntie "K"
Time will tell.
My Sexy Husband :-)
The kids were amazing and so patient on Sunday. They played at the park sat in their stroller, and Si even had a little nap. Despite the heat they were remarkable.
Home we came Sunday, in time for work Monday and Hockey Game 3 Monday night!
Maybe I should get rid of that exclamation mark. That game was so bad, that I actually was happier getting stitched up at the clinic!
I was stocking Ry's beer fridge for game night, when the beer bottles had ulterior motives; they came crashing out, shattering at my feet. One jumped at my shin and gave it a nice slice...and so off to the clinic we went.
The most heartwarming thing came out of the experience though. It was the way the kids showed their worry and love. When they saw I was bleeding they both asked if I was okay and started to cry. They said mom has an ow-y;and Si said "Band-Aid."
Even this morning they are showing concern and asking if I am OK. It is amazing to see kids express their emotion and show their love.

Now, here is to a better Tuesday than Monday and to a better Wednesday game night then Monday!

Happy Tuesday!

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