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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Proud to be Canadian, Embarassed to be a Vancouverite...

This is a statement I have read from a few peoples Facebook Status' after last nights happenings.
How do you feel about that statement. For me, sad but true.

What a pathetic, embarrassing, dangerous and scary series of events last night... and no, I am not even talking about the Hockey Game!

Like everything and everywhere else, the efforts (and some lack-there-of) the Canucks Game and Hockey is a far thought in our minds after the Riot that occurred after its happening.  Instead of celebrating the event that took place, and maybe quietly mourning the loss, an all out Riot broke loose in our city streets. Vandalism, looting, fires and fights... what is wrong with people!

Some part of me thinks that even if we had won, the people that come out to do this type of thing, would have done it win or loss.

It is a sad day here in Vancouver. Citizens are outraged and upset; disgusted and angry...disturbed.
Who in their right mind finds this type of behavior okay, acceptable or  "cool." I say, what a bunch of losers. You put lives in danger, not only your own; the City and Citizens into another bad situation and being backed into the corner, yet again, of being labelled "No Fun Vancouver;" and just plain and simple...made us look like a bunch of a#*holes.

I was so happy to see and hear the number of people out to clean up as they were disgusted by last nights occurrence. That really is a symbol of a TRUE Vancouverite; one whom cares about this place we call, HOME.
For all the others...please LEAVE NOW.

As a mom, so many other thoughts were running through my head as I found it hard to turn off the television last night. Ryan and I were so fortunate to have gone to the game last night; and now looking at our decision to leave a few minutes early and head for home...words cannot describe how thankful I am that we did that.
My eyes were then glued in astonishment to the TV once we got home. It was as if I were watching a movie; or news footage of a city overseas...not Vancouver...not over a Hockey Game. Wow. Speechless.
I am thankful that we moved out of downtown. Could you imagine how you would feel being down there with your children. Watching, listening, scary.
Who does this? What type of people do this? How do they think this is fun and maybe even funny!? Where are their values and morals?
Is this a reflection of how they are raised? Crazy thoughts as a parent...but realistic ones.

What are your thoughts on last night?

I hope that the Rioters are found and punished as they should be! There are so many sites along with facebook groups to help identify the people involved.
If you have some time, scroll through, you may be able to identify some people.

I am off to kiss my kids and play outside. Something that is rewarding, effective and SANE!


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