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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Smell of a Win...

Instead of celebrating an amazing Canuck comeback last night, Ryan and I were celebrating the after-game with a Bissel carpet cleaner, paper towel and disinfectant.
She was at it again...instead of painting her crib brown, Si was sitting behind her bedroom door painting the door, the wall, the carpet and of course, herself.
This is my new best friend.

Worked like magic. Not only did it remove the new shade of brown our carpet was, it took away the smell as well (thank God!). This was a new step for her...no more pop in the crib. Ryan made a good observation, she seems to "paint" where her so called escape route is closed. ie, in the crib she would paint the guard rails; now with no crib, she can climb out so she goes for the door.
I guess shes a bit like a dog in this way...you know, dogs won't mess their sleeping quarters...they will do all extremes to keep that area clean. I recall a time when our dog was a little puppy; with puppy came sleep training (kind of like a baby again!), and breaking him into a kennel...one time he was sick, and to avoid crapping his kennel, he literally stuck his butt to the door and pooped out; awesome i know, but smart, right!? So this is how I am relating our daughter...to our dog. Hilarious!
Needless to say, what we are doing at the current moment to stop this poopy mess from occurring is not working.
She is a smart 20 month old. She tries to play the innocent one when in fact, she knows EXACTLY what she is doing. She cries bloody murder when her brother is around so he gets in trouble; she pushes boundaries again and again, and then pretends to not know what time out means (although this is where she puts her baby and her bunny when they aren't listening); this little girl has us whipped...and this cycle has got to stop!
Maybe I will be looking back at that episode of "Quints by Surprise" where they duct tape the diaper to their little girl that does the same; at least the duct tape was pink...stylish! ;-)
Anyways, back to the drawing board for Ryan and I...we color in PEN...to devise a plan of some sort!!

Now, a rant on our three year old. Whomever labeled the "terrible twos" as such, clearly did not have children; they must have been an observer.
There are a few years here that seem to come with new attitudes and bad moods.
Starting around 1.5 where they still don't get what time out is, but continuously push the boundaries; then into the talked about two's. I found this age to be where Kai was learning and growing, yet needed discipline to learn right from wrong; and now, we are into the threes. This is a fun age...the age where your three year old can talk, and therefore talk back. They know what is right and wrong (in many cases), and yet continuously do the latter to get your attention...and then when disciplined, talk back at you, call you names or yell. The days just get better! At least they are communicating, right!? I find, Kai is at his "best" ;-) when there are others around. This is when, I figure, he is trying to demand attention and therefore does EVERYTHING he knows he is not supposed to do to get that attention.
The other day, we had a new sitter come to watch the kids; when I got home the house was a bomb...and I mean B-O-M-B. All toy bins were dumped, snacks were on the floor...an utter mess. She tells me that Kai just wanted to dump everything out. Two main problems here; the first being that Kai was obviously looking for attention and knowing he could get away with pushing this boundary she was not stopping it; and second, that SHE WAS NOT STOPPING IT! I was shocked, to say the least, at her answer. She was allowing a three year old to rule the house. Really!?
Anyways, back to the discipline board to find a new course of action.

What do four's look like? Or do I even want to know!

Lastly, I know I mentioned a giveaway on Thursday, it was supposed to be announced Friday; tune in Monday as it will be announced then :-)

Happy Weekend...hope your stays out of the brown.

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