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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy with my 6...

How is June flying by so quickly!? Another busy weekend filled with Si's stinky finger painting, family time and lots of work; and now, here we are on another Monday morning.
I have to write about my amazing run yesterday...usually this would not be all that impressive, yet being pregnant and having not run this far in quite a few weeks, I really surprised myself! Ryan organized the kids to be sat for a few hours yesterday morning, and him and I ventured out on a run together (another thing we have not done in ages). Not only did I keep up with him, i completed a 6 mile run in just over an hour. Again, not a huge feat; however, i was so pleased as my longest runs lately have lasted about 40 minutes and 4ish miles. I didn't think I still had the distance, or the lungs, in me! I will bask in the length of this run...as I know soon, my bladder and ligaments will not be liking this much.

On another note, as mentioned, I have some exciting Giveaways this week so stay tuned...and then this Friday brings another Fabulous Friday Interview! A good week in store...and I am sure a few good stories along the way.
I am on my way out to instruct a Stroller Fit class, in the rain...come on sun, this is getting tiring!

When I get back, I will update you on this weeks first Giveaway! A little something in honour of Fathers Day this Sunday (don't forget it!).

If you haven't yet today, Vote for me...and if you want to join in on the guessing game, click the Baby Pool on the side bar and guess what this Bump Number 3 is going to be!

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