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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fabulous Friday Celebrity Interview...

I am so excited to start out my Fabulous Friday Celebrity Interviews with a local mom and television personality, Tamara Taggart!

Many of you know Tamara as our weather girl on CTV. She has more recently taken over as Anchor for the Nightly News on CTV! When she is not delivering our nightly news, she is being wife and mom to three amazing children; Beckett, Zoe and Poppy.  As if all of that isn't busy enough, Tamara also co-owns an amazing kids store EIO Kids... check it out if you haven't, it is AMAZING (and they just moved to Yaletown, prime location and easy parking)! These are just a few "credentials"; Tamara's list of accomplishments and ventures seem endless. I had to catch up with this busy mom and see how she manages it all: kids, work and life!

1) How do you find time for everything? (family, work, celebrity, You!?)

Ha!  I don't.  It's impossible to find time for everything but that
doesn't stop me from trying.  My first priority is my family, nothing
trumps what happens at home. My kids and husband always come first...I
love my job and I'm fortunate that I work at a place that understands my
family life.  That said I have a busy work life too, I'm committed to my
job which is new!  Anchoring CTV News at Six is a huge responsibility,
I'm at work each day from Noon - 7pm and I spend a lot of my free time
working on charity events and shooting promos. It's busy but I'm having

 2) What is your favorite thing to do with your kids on a sunny summer
day in Vancouver?

We love the beach, the kids could dig in the sand for hours. I have a
few weeks booked off this summer and we can't wait to pack up the beach
blanket, sunscreen and sun umbrella.

3) With your busy schedule do you find time for exercise? If so, do you
work it in with your kids or on your own?

After I had Poppy and was still on maternity leave I went to the gym
every day...not so much now that I'm back at work.  It's just so busy
and the gym seems to be the first thing that gets dropped...plus I'm so
tired, I usually pick sleep over a workout! I hate getting to the gym
but love it when I'm there, know what I mean?  The goal is to get back
to the gym.

4) What was your favorite and least favorite part(s) of pregnancy?

I have had three great pregnancies but each one has been harder on my
body. I love being pregnant, it's such a wonderful feeling knowing that
you are carrying love. I didn't like how tired I was all the time and
near the end there's way too many visits to the ladies room which is a
problem when you work in live television!

 5) What's your best "Mom Advice"

Enjoy every moment. As tough as I found the 3am feedings I realized that
they weren't forever so I should just embrace the moment.  I try so hard
to live in the moment and feel each experience as a mother.

Tamara Taggart
Anchor - CTV News at Six

Thank you Tamara!
I enjoyed this interview and getting a glimpse into the life of... Tamara Taggart.
Hope you all did as well!

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