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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Up's and Down's...

The up's and down's of pregnancy, gotta love'em.
As my bump slowly grows and my morning sickness begins to ease, other symptoms kick in. The other night my stomach felt like it was literally on fire and I was thriving in pain all night. Our amazing resident doc in the family said...acid reflux. Awesome. Took Malox, and most was better. Wow.
Other than this new symptom that I had never experienced with my first two pregnancies, most is going really well! I have more energy throughout the day...until about 7:00pm hits and then I am pretty much ready for bed; but overall, physically have been feeling really great! It is I guess more so the emotional side of my physical changes that have been getting me down a little more so.
Obviously weight gain is a key factor in pregnancy; but when you feel like you still are barely showing, and yet try to put on a pair of pants from your closet that suddenly don't button up, i sometimes find myself being a little too hard on myself, examining if I am eating well enough or possibly over-indulging a little too much.
Really!? Grab a life, I know! I remind myself of what my body is doing...and re-think the previous pregnancies, and am quickly reminded that my body is again doing, the exact same thing. It is pretty crazy how the body just know and the body just does. I am almost identical in weight gain so far; with all I seem to gain a little faster at the beginning and then it slows dramatically second trimester onwards. I was a healthy gain for both kids, 27 lbs with Kai and 24lbs with Si; and found to be very fortunate to have lost the weight quickly afterwards. Well, lucky mixed with a lot of hard work! I goal set. So after Kai was born...I ran and ran my way to my first marathon 6 months later. After Si, I decided to re-learn how to swim properly, bought a road bike and learnt how to ride...and then found myself in the Oliver Half-Iron Man 8 months later. So...what's next!? I am currently looking ahead to the 2012 season. Only time will tell ;-)

This is an area in life that I am really missing. I am envious of those that are taking part in races, etc! Exercise is a huge part of my life. Active living is something that we really follow in our family. My husband and I are very active people. My dad is an amazing swimmer. My sister is training for her first 1/2 marathon next month. My sister-in-law lives to work out and has endless races planned for the year. And my brother is living in another city to be trained by amazing coaches in hopes to take his Decathlon career to the next level...and possibly the 2012's!?
So, when my usual 1.5-2 hour runs are cut back to a max of 45 minutes; when walking up a flight of stairs or chasing after my kids leaves me breathless, sometimes, i just get a little frustrated! So I look ahead. Why is my body telling me to slow down. Because, inside of me, I am making the newest member of our family...and we have so many other things to be excited about and look forward to first, before "real life" kicks back in.

This is what I have to remind myself of on the days that I am being hard on myself.
So now, I am going to make breakfast for my family, head out for my 45 minute run, and then put on my jeans and attach an elastic to the button to hold them shut. And remember to laugh through the moments of frustration. :-)

"Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be." ~Carrie Fisher

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