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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sticky Fingers...

Yesterday was a long day. From poop and cranky kids starting the day, to Si learning how to continuously climb out of her crib to end it. It was a long one...one that maybe in a few more days I will be able to laugh about.
As for today, so far, I think it is going a lot better. As Ryan is leaving for work, we both turn around to see Si's finger up Kai's nose. Yep, that's right; Si was picking Kai's nose for him. And the gong show at our house begins.
Today, amongst a few work and personal appointments, I have a few stops to make.
1) to get diaper covers @ the suggestion of another mom. Maybe this will help the no-poop brigade!?
2) to get a crib cover...in case the suggestion of turning the high part of the crib to the front doesn't hold her in.
I am not being defeated by a pack of monkeys tonight! Or today for that matter!

Time to organize and get these booger-fingered kids to grandmas house for a few hours of my own sanity today.

Happy Thursday!

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