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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy Wars...

Today, my battle is not so much with the two little ones that run around at my feet, but the one doing somersaults within my belly.
I have been having some serious stomach cramps today. So bad at some points that it took everything I had to stand up straight. My position for the past hour has been flat on the couch feet up...and slowly the cramps are subsiding. I am trying to determine whether this is the last bit of the flu, my IBS, or just good old pregnancy gas and heartburn (acid) due to slowing hormones and growing uterus. Don't know which one is worse right now!
It is amazing how you can wake up in the morning feeling great and by the minute that feeling can change with pregnancy. I hope this passes soon!

On another note...I had to hit the grocery store today for some items. Between my store club card and COUPONS, I saved $105.46! My first attempt at couponing and I successfully bought items we needed and stocked the ones we use quickly. I am happy ;-)

With all my time, lying on the couch this afternoon, I have been searching baby names. I find it still surreal some days that there will be another baby here in not too many months! Ryan and I are pretty positive we are leaving the gender as a surprise, so we therefore need to have names for both sex. We seemed to agree upon a girls name relatively quickly [and no, we are not saying, so don't bother asking ;-)], but haven't really begun thinking of names for a boy. We had some past names for boys, and I still like some, but find myself not as set on them as I previously was. So the search begins!
For me, I have never been one to discuss our name thoughts before the baby has arrived, and is named. Ryan seems to be on the same page here. I think its mainly because, people have their opinions, and well, when it comes to YOUR child, as long as YOU are happy and in love with your choice, then why subject your thought to others. This isn't my mind set necessarily on life in general! Just baby names, for us anyways!

So, if you have name suggestions I would LOVE to hear them. We would be honoured to add them to our already growing list...however, please do not be insulted if 1) we don't choose your suggestion and 2) we don't tell you till little one has arrived ;-)
Thought this could be something fun...and different. A conversation starter.

On the other side of names...celebrity baby names. Some cute; some not so cute.
My thoughts on Mariah Carey's new baby names. Blah. What are you thinking. Again, my personal opinion! Moroccan and Monroe? I think Monroe is the more normal of the two...but Moroccan screams a Brangalina baby name to me.
Another "different" one. Bear Blu. Yes, this is the name of Clueless star Alicia Silverstone's newest addition.
Remember, these people have to live with these names for their lifetime...not just yours~

Time to drag my butt of this couch, make dinner...and watch the hockey game. GO CANUCKS GO!

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