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Monday, May 2, 2011

12 weeks...

I am now 12 weeks pregnant! Depending on what resource you follow I am now out of my first trimester or almost there (one more week)!
I cannot believe how fast this is going by. I guess it helps when there are two other people that occupy the better part of your days!
Hard to believe that at this point, babies systems are almost fully formed and baby is only the size of a plum!
So, if this baby is only the size if a plum... why is it that with the more pregnancies you have, the sooner you show. It is still ONLY the size of a plum.
I have looked back at my bump watch from the previous two pregnancies...and i seriously look the equivalent to 20 weeks with the first two.
So, here it is... bump watch at 12 weeks through my three pregnancies.

There is definitely a baby in there, and it is getting bigger by the day.
Time to go fold more laundry before the kids are up.

Happy Monday!

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