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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding of a Century...

Something most girls dream about, and have a vision in mind from the time they play dress up, their wedding day. I just finished watching the Royal Wedding and have to say, what an event. So much class was displayed from start to finish; timeless.
Kate's dress was gorgeous; simple, detailed elegance.

In my opinion, this was the closest thing to a fairy tale we will see. Prince meets girl; prince gets girl; prince marries girl; Duke and Duchess ride off in horse and carriage to their castle. A fairytale that for most of the world, will remain in Disney movies. But I think this is way it was oh so magical; and why 1/3 of the world tuned in to watch. Incredible.

I love weddings. They are so magical and romantic. I loved how they were still so playful with each other. Stealing words in the church. Wills stealing glances as his bride walked down the aisle. TWO KISSES!

The giddy feeling brings back feelings from my own wedding day. A day that flew by all too fast. One day in my life where I really did feel like I was a Princess.

I know there are a few MAJOR differences from the Royal Wedding to mine... One key point, I am sure Wills grandmother (the Queen) doesn't bust a move on the dance floor as well as my grandma!

Okay, I know there are many more comparisons...NOT, but wouldn't it be amazing to see past the ceremony and into the Lunch. What do Royals do. Do they "cut loose" like us "Commoners." I am sure their tea and sandwiches are much different then our wine and dinners...one thing i heard however, is that their brunch was a...gasp...buffet!

Okay, back to reality. The kids are waking, the wedding is over...and my dishes need washing. I can bet you one thing...Kate won't be washing a Royal dish in her life-time. (Do you think they receive fine china as a wedding gift?)

Happy Friday!

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