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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Morning Sickness...

written March 23, 2011

I am still telling myself that this isn't what it is; that when I wake up feeling as if I had one too many glasses of wine last night, when the truth is I haven't had anything to drink since the day I got a positive on our test, that it has nothing to do with that thing that many pregnant women face...morning sickness.
Although I have only actually been sick a couple times, it is the lingering feeling of nausea and food aversions that are really becoming overwhelming and exhausting!
Other joyful things that have been occurring this week, slight weight gain but MAJOR bloating, fatigue, stretching ligaments (a sneeze means excruciating pain in the stomach!). I am 6weeks 3 days pregnant today and am counting the days...a week tomorrow and we have our follow up ultrasound! Yay! A reassurance (other than all of these lovely symptoms) that the baby is in there, growing strong, and a heartbeat is seen. I cant tell you how long these weeks have been till that day...almost there!
Ryan and I had an awesome date night last weekend! We started by going to dinner at the Keg. I am not a huge red meat eater, so for dinner I ordered Salmon. Bad idea...I honestly am unsure as to whether it was an aversion to fish that I currently have, or whether the fish was off...but I had one bite of that fishy-salmon and had to get them to take it away. I was so turned off by it I couldn't eat anything else while we were there...and so, I decided a White Spot burger at the Hockey Game was a much better option :-) Yep, I would probably guarantee that the fishy salmon was a case of pregnancy food aversion.

I cant wait to get out of this first trimester. This is the most awkward time for many reasons:
-the worry of miscarriage
-many uncomfortable symptoms
-body changes but not quite showing...really just feeling fat if you ask me
A link to a great article "All About The First Trimester." I love Fit Pregnancy!

I have heard that with the more kids you have, the faster you show. This is apparently because your body remembers the process and the muscles relax to it faster...i swear I have a little bump already. Crazy!
I have taken photos weekly through both my pregnancies, and have started to do so again in this one...maybe one day if I become brave enough, I will show you a comparison of the three.
Here is a link to some common happenings of pregnancy two and beyond.

Baby Development at 6 weeks

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