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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Friggin...apparently this is a new found, and favorite, word Kai has added to his vocabulary.
"Where is my friggin truck," "what is that friggin thing doing"... And so on and so on. The thing is, I try my hardest to not let the full-on f-bomb drop around him; But on occasion it does: And on the same occasion, he repeats. But friggin, this is definitely a word that is not in either my nor my husband vocabulary. I know he is around some other people on a weekly basis and so I am sure it was learnt somewhere! It is amazing how fast kids pick things up. They are basically watching and listening and downloading EVERYTHING, and once they process, they find certain words to spit out; and at this age, it seems the things they say are hilarious, rude or a combination of both. At least he keeps us laughing...and on our toes!

Hope your Sunday was friggin awesome!

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