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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Car Seats...

To the parents out there...
Can you believe all of the talk on new car seat recommendations and future 2012 law changes!?
I think our kids are now going to be in some form of a car seat/booster seat until they graduate from high school!
Don't get me wrong, I am all about taking the proper safety measures to ensure my kids are safe while traveling; but the size of the seats...and the possibility of having a rear facing seat until the age of 2, drastically effect the vehicle you are able to drive if you are in the market for more then 1 car seat. Car seats, kids, luggage, dog and two-adults...our car is chalk-a-block when heading on a weekend trip already.
I am interested to see how the regulations progress and what will come of 2012.

Here is a blog on the US Car seat Regulations.

The Obvious Reason for correct restraints:

What Car Seat (s) do you use?
We have Britax and a Peg Prego Carrier when the kids were babies.

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