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Sunday, March 13, 2011

23 Hours...

Happy Sunday! Did you remember to turn your clocks forward! Yep, we lost an hour today...and I am feeling it.
Somehow, Ryan got to sleep in yesterday while I got up with the kids....and today was my day. Right, nice work babe! I think he planned that one to a T! He was out today with a friend for a run at 9...which meant I needed to be up to 8:30...which without the time change was actually 7:30. Nice one! I got the short end of the sleep in stick this weekend.
The past two nights Kai has woken in the middle of the night to 1) a bad dream and 2) a really bad cold...so for the past two nights he has slept in our bed. Last night, Ryan couldn't take it so he ended up sleeping in Kai's room (he has a single bed, not a crib or toddler!). Somehow, whenever Kai is in our bed, he aims his legs straight for Ryan, and kicks all night...and we even have a king! Another factor in both of our lack of sleep last night!
So now, as he is out for a nice Sunday morning run, I am at home having just having finished cleaning up a floor full of urine cause our almost three year-old didn't aim. Awesome. Did I say Happy Sunday! ;-)

Hope Kai stays bad-dream-free and in his own bed tonight!
I wonder what he dreams about that he wakes in such a crying state?

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