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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picky Eating...

We have problems with getting Kai to eat much of anything some days...let along something healthy! I swear he has been surviving on cheese strings and juice for the past while! I make him and Si dinner every night, and every night it ends up being that we make a second meal entirely, or, Ryan and I threaten bedtime if he doesn't sit and eat. It is brutal! He takes his "One a Day's" as he calls them, vitamins, to ensure he is at least getting the minimum from those nutrients, but otherwise, mention anything green and he pretty much runs the other way! It's to the point that about a month ago I actually had to take him for blood tests, I think harder on me then him, to check his iron levels and what-not. He was complaining of being tired, which if you know Kai, is totally NOT him; that along with his limited diet, we were concerned.
Tests are back and all things are normal....but now for the food...the HEALTHY food!
Tonight I made Kai and Si macaroni and cheese. A meal I know they both love to eat...but this time I made a few changes. I mashed up cauliflower, peas and carrots and mixed them together along with some milk, cheese and a little butter. This was the "sauce." I then baked it all together and melted a little more cheese.
And of course, had to top it with ketchup for extra enticement (well actually to hide as much of the green as I could).
Here is how it turned out:

I know, not totally appetizing in look...but I must have done something right!

He ate every last bite...without bribery or incentive. I WON THE DINNER WAR (for tonight).

So what's on their plate for tomorrow?

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