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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Si...We have a problem!
What originally started as curiosity has turned into an all out self discovery and "mommy-disgust"! So as of recently Si has enjoyed the occasional exploration of sticking her hands down the back of her diaper after making a "poooop," in her own words. That leads to me picking her up in disgust, carrying her to the bathroom with my hands fully extended away from my body for a full scrub down and change (of her that is!).
I am thinking this has got to be a bit of pay back!? As a toddler, apparently upon the arrival of my first sibling (my sister), I decided to demand some attention and hone some of my creative skills, by decorating the carpet and walls in my bedroom...with the same medium that Si is experimenting with. Mom and Dad, I am sorry for that...now at least you have a story! Me, I am up to my head in s*#t over here! One day this will be humorous!
So with Si, she proceeds to stick her hands down her diaper, come out with a disgusting look on her face, hands extended in front of her looking at me, uttering "poooop."
I say "no", take her straight to the bathroom for an all out scrub-down, change her and wait till it happens again...hopefully not till tomorrow!?
My question to you mom's out there, how do you get thru this stage...quickly!? Kai never did this so I am at a loss!!
For now, Onesies it is!

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