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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dawn of a New Bump

Is it in the air or something!? It seems like a large majority of my girlfriends are talking babies! And this is such exciting news as for most of them, it's their first! Yay, come on over to mommyhood and we can share stories...I've been dying for this to happen.
Whether the girls are pregnant already or TTC (trying to conceive), 2011 seems to be holding a hole lot of baby talk!
I came across this app the other day. What will Apple come up with next!? An app that can babysit our children too? But for a  bit of humour, and maybe even a bit of helpful knowledge for some, here it is:

Yes, it's true.
I have to be honest, I never watched my Ovulation Chart. K and S were both little surprises a little ahead of schedule, but very much loved and we have never looked back.
So while I have some friends charting their cycles [and tiring their husbands a little more often, I am sure they're not complaining ;-) ] I had to actually read up on the whole Ovulation process. I was a little bit, left in the dark. I mean, I know what a females body is capable of, but timing wise, CLUELESS!
And so, as I talked with some gf's and looked on-line, I found some pretty crazy Ovulation Calendars. You can even chart what sex you would like to have (male or female, not missionary or doggy-style that is), by which days you do it on while ovulating. Crazy! I wonder how bang on (pardon the pun) that logic really is!
Anyone have any experience with this charting and success on a specific gender?
When I was pregnant I remember looking at the Chinese Gender Charts, and for me they both ended up being true. Who knows really! I guess they all have a 50/50 chance!

Mother's Chinese Age At Time Of Conception
Month of Conception18192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445

So to T&H, CONGRATULATIONS on baby O's arrival yesterday! To S, good luck peeing tomorrow,  L- I am thinking of you and M-you will not be left behind ;-)


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