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Monday, November 1, 2010

Time with Two

It is hard to believe it is November already! Where does the time go!?

This was a conversation that came up between Ryan and I last night once costumes were put away, kids were in bed and a glass of wine was poured! We look at our life and so often "wish away" time, when it goes way to fast in the first place. For us its the milestones in our children's lives that we can't wait for to happen; when is she going to start talking, when will he be okay to leave moms side...but why do we look forward to these stages instead of embracing the current ones? It feels like just yesterday Sienna was a newborn and Kai was just beginning to talk. Actually, in all honesty, it feels like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant for the first time! How the years have flown!

We had a mommy playgroup over on Saturday. We would love to meet more often but busy schedules have made it next to impossible...but we finally arranged it, moms, kids and for the first time...the men too! It was a loud house for a couple of hours, but it sure was fun! All the kids were in costumes, lots of food was being consumed, and there was a common themed question in the room..."when are you having another!?" This is a question that really is hard to answer and only the people involved know what answer is right for them~

It has been my experience with having two so close together that there are many pros and cons to this situation, and a good point on the above note of time flying by! You only get busier with two and those first few months with the newborn are EXHAUSTING! I remember wishing for her to at least be able to sit on her own, to hold her bottle, to crawl, to stand all in hopes of a slightly easier day with the both of them...how much easier would it be if I could sit her with Kai and they could play while I tried to get a few things done! I want those stages back! They are all so amazingly precious and now my little baby is nearly RUNNING as she tackles her brother on the ground. Maybe with more of an age separation you would have more time with the newborn while the other is in preschool? I am not sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way...

Although our household is chaotic, and although I wish at times that I could turn the time back and enjoy the moments again, our two kids have the most amazing bond and friendship. Kai watches out for Si, he calls her his "pretty girl" and is always making sure she has what she needs. It is magical. And Sienna, she would follow her big brother around day and night if she could. She holds this wonderment in her eyes, a sparkle that only shines for him.

Where does the time go!?

Kailen and Sienna are my constant reminder to "breathe." To take in the minutes and live each and every day to its fullest.

One of my favorite quotes:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."- Unknown

As long as we have many moments that have taken our breath away, lasting memories and lots of love, I am okay that tomorrow is gone and today we are losing our breath again.

So mommies... when are you having another one?


The kids and the cupcakes Kai "helped" me make!

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