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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Fall would have to be my favorite time of year. Finding new routines and schedules, family times (thanksgiving, Halloween, pumpkin patch), the beautifully sunny yet crisp and cold fall days, the clothes!

There are so many beautiful aspects of fall that really make you stop and realize what is important to you and all that you have. Living each day is such a simple concept but such an easy thing to let get away from you. I feel guilty for allowing this to happen in my life; and all though i know it does happen, I have decided to start living more consciously and enjoy what I have right in front of me.  Currently, I have two of the most adorable kids sitting on the floor in front of me playing together. A sight that can only make me smile and feel full inside.  As kids we come out not knowing anything other than living each moment, each day...it is time I try to revert back to some form of that thinking...i mean, besides the tantrums, hair pulling and diapers!!

This past Thanksgiving Weekend we made our 3rd annual trip to the amazing Pemberton Pumpkin Patch.  When Kai was born I decided we were going to make this an annual tradition (a pumpkin patch somewhere!) and this year was his third year and Sienna's second. What a day. The sun came out and shone, the kids made their way through the patch in search of the perfect pumpkin, rode a horse and carriage, played on old tractors and had a great lunch before packing back up in the car for the drive home.

Life truly is amazing.


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